Review - The Kiss

The Kiss (Witch & Wizard) - James Patterson,  'Jill Dembowski'





 -The First Truth-

 Know The Self.

Illusions Trick The Eyes,

But Not The Inner Eye.


-The Second Truth- 

Know The Family.

Trust Is Not Truth;

It Is But A Flickering Flame.


-The Third Truth-

Know Light From Dark.

Magic Is Not Equal To Righteousness.

A Wizard May Destroy Or Save.

A City Hangs In The Balance.


-from the first page


 The Fire was the final book in the original Witch & Wizard trilogy. It wrapped up things nicely. So, going into this book, Whit & Wisty and the entire city are all celebrating the end of the evil dictator The One. But, of course things can't stay happy or there wouldn't be a story. There is a new threat, the Wizard King on the mountain. And there is a new government. A council made up of 17 men & women and 17 kids including Wisty & Whit. The head of the council, General Bloom is also a problem. He wants to control things and takes his newfound power too far. The Wizard King has cut off the city's water supply and children have been vanishing from the city. Whit takes off on a peaceful mission to the mountain to negotiate with the Wizard King. And Wisty chooses to stay behind with a mysterious wizard named Heath.


I enjoyed this book. It seemed totally separate from the original trilogy, with new locations and characters popping up that we never heard of before. But, it is another exciting adventure for Whit & Wisty. She is a difficult character to like because she is so hot-headed and always flying off the handle (not a good thing when you can't control your magic and you start fires). But I get her. She seems to fall really fast for this new wizard (Heath) without too much hesitation considering she doesn't really know him. But I guess that's young love in the wizard world. ;) Whit is likable but I wish his powers were stronger. I liked the conflict between the siblings and that they learn they are stronger together.


There were some fun twists towards the end and one especially that I didn't see coming (though some of you may). A fun, very quick read. Overall another good book in the series and great for middle school students.


Recommended to:

Young adults and middle school students. There is magic and adventure, a little romance and a strong brother/sister bond.