Still Missing - Review

Still Missing - Chevy Stevens



Annie is just finishing up her open house, when a man with bright eyes and a charming smile pulls up. He seems interested and knows a lot about the listing. She takes him inside and shows him around. The next thing she knows, he has a gun in her back and he pushes her into the van. He abducts her and keeps her prisoner in his cabin in the mountains for a year. In sessions with her shrink, we hear Annie's firsthand account of her abduction and captivity and what happens afterwards. 


I liked the way the story was told in sessions with the shrink. Annie was recalling what happened and telling it like a flashback. Because of this, we know that she somehow gets away from the cabin, but she never fully escapes her captivity.


The story is interesting, gory and difficult to read sometimes, but the details are not overdone. I can imagine what she went through without being too overwhelmed by the details. There is an unsettling twist near the end that points to an almost unbearably selfish motive. Annie is a strong person but she doesn't realize it. Watching her deal with what happened and gradually overcoming her fear and pain is heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time.


Recommended to:

Adults who enjoy Lisa Gardner, Jodi Picoult, difficult but realistic stories