Double Identity - Review

Double Identity - Margaret Peterson Haddix



Bethany has lived a sheltered life. Her parents never leave her by herself and they are very overprotective. And while, at almost 13 years old, Bethany hasn't spent a single night away from her parents, she doesn't realize how strange her life is until her parents drop her off with an aunt she didn't know existed. Her father tells her that he has to get help for her mother and they won't be gone long. Bethany is understandably confused and upset, but she tries to make the best of it. Little clues and hints start to indicate that Bethany looks very like someone named Elizabeth; but who is Elizabeth and what else are her parents hiding from her?


I went into this book not knowing what it was about and a couple of different things crossed my mind until I realized why Bethany is so much like Elizabeth. I found this book to be a bit slow going and not very interesting. I know it is a middle grade book and I shouldn't compare it to adult or even young adult books. But I read a lot of books by Margaret Peterson Haddix, including the Found series (which I really enjoyed). That series is also middle grade and it is exciting and has characters you can love and hate. This book just fell short I think. The story wasn't bad and there was a twist at the end, but I never really found myself excited to see what would happen next. I just kept reading so that I could finish the book. (If that makes sense.)


Recommended to:

I would say 4th to 6th graders who like sci-fi, but I think if you want to read a science fiction Haddix book, than go with the Found series. If you just want to read a story about a girl trying to figure out who she is, than you might enjoy this one. I was expecting more of a sci-fi adventure.