First book in the Immortal Game series

Mortal Danger - Ann Aguirre


In the beginning of this book, Edie is on a bridge, preparing to commit suicide. Kian stops her with an intriguing offer - three favors now in return for three favors later. She has the opportunity to ask for three things within 5 years and then the company will ask for three things in return. She is intrigued, yet frightened. He can't give her many details at first, until she agrees and even then he is fairly cryptic. All she knows for sure is there is magic involved and she has to decide right away. Edie is aware of the dangers of deals such as these (monkey's paw anyone?), but in the end, she agrees.


I love Kian and Edie's relationship. It's great that he fell in love with her in her imperfect form, before the makeover (her first favor). She was teased mercilessly in school to the point where she felt worthless and unwilling to go on. He makes her realize that she is important. I loved watching Edie evolve into a more confident person and seeing how it changed her relationships with others, even her parents.


I really enjoyed this book. The bullying/revenge angle combined with the immortal game is very cool. The way they explain the immortals is very interesting and something I have heard of, but I haven't seen it used like this.


Recommended to:

Young adults who enjoy school stories involving demons/immortals with a touch of romance. This book takes the high school clique experience and bullying to the next level.