Fast-Paced Thriller

Hope to Die - James Patterson

"How hard is it to imagine a noble detective brought low by the horrors of his job? How hard to imagine a detective so beaten down that he finds life meaningless... and becomes a perfect killer himself? That's not hard to imagine at all, now, is it?"


Detective Alex Cross is back and things are bleaker than ever. His entire family has been kidnapped and two of them may be dead... Alex is in a very bad place, but despite that (or more likely because of it), he is still working hard to figure out the answers. No matter what, he refuses to give up.


One thing I like about the Alex Cross series is that you always know what to expect, but you don't necessarily know what will happen. When Patterson writes about Cross, the result is always thrilling and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Another thing, the books are always quick reads. But, time and again, I find myself up way past my bed time reading just one more chapter.... The chapters are short and each time I finish one, I can't wait to see what will happen next. So, how much could one more chapter hurt? Of course, it is never just one more...


Recommended to:

Adults who like thrillers. Fans of the Alex Cross series. Fans of detective or crime stories.