Origami takes a field trip

Origami Yoda Book 6 - Tom Angleberger


The kids from McQuarrie Middle School are back and they are off on a field trip to Washington D.C. They worked hard for this field trip and are very excited, but Principal Rabbski has banned origami on the trip. How will the kids survive the trip without advice from Origami Yoda? Dwight has a backup plan, as usual. He brings lime green fruit roll ups and uses them to make an emergency Fruitigami Yoda. Unfortunately, Harvey brings a wrinkly, hateful pickle, Emperor Pickletine. Is Pickeltine trying to tempt Harvey to the dark side? How will the kids navigate the challenges of a class trip without their origami counterparts? And will the field trip be the adventure the kids expected or will it turn into a total disaster?


This is a fun story about a bunch of 7th graders who need advice to navigate the situations and issues that come up in their daily lives. Their unusual solution is an origami Yoda puppet who speaks through their friend Dwight. My son loves these stories. They are original and creative and very humorous. I enjoy reading the stories with him, the twists and turns are amusing.


Not sure if this is the last book in this series, the end leaves it kind of up in the air.


Recommended to:

Middle grades students (grades 3-8) who enjoy humorous stories and school situations. This is only related to Star Wars in a slight way that the origami characters are Star Wars characters. You do not need to know much about Star Wars to enjoy the stories.