Completely Creepy College...

Asylum - Madeleine Roux

"Sometimes, Dan, friends have to take a stand and say: Hey, idiot, we're here for you no matter what. We're not going to disappear when you get grumpy or angry. We're in this for the long haul. We're in this for each other."


A college dorm in a building that used to be an asylum for the insane, including the criminally insane? A group of high school students visiting for 5 weeks of summer school? What could possibly go wrong? Well, the asylum was run by a warden who performed experiments on the patients and when authorities found out, it was shut down. Brookline was a place of much suffering and evil and that has left an impression. From the beginning the kids can feel that something is creepy about the place.


Dan is there to spend time with other kids who want to learn. He is tired of being a social outcast. He forms a quick friendship with Abby and Jordan; they become sort of like the three musketeers. The three of them can't resist checking out the creepy off-limits office on the first floor of the Brookline dorm. But by going in there, have they opened the door to the truly creepy? The experience is intense and afterwards, Dan begins having visions. What did the three of them get themselves into?


I don't want to give anything away. This story was great fun to read and it had me on the edge of my seat. It was scary and mysterious. I didn't know what was going on until the very end. And the second I finished it, I downloaded the sequel to my iPad.


Recommended to:

Young Adults & Adults who enjoy scary stories with twists and turns.