Action packed series

Strike of the Sweepers - Tyler Whitesides

"In five minutes," Walter said, "I'm going to use this squeegee to open a portal to New Forest Academy. We're going to move in and apprehend Director Carlos Garcia."

Spencer's surprised look mirrored Daisy's. Penny looked excited, and Alan simply nodded.

"Tonight we finish what we almost did last November," Alan said. "We're taking the warlock's hammer and nail." 


This is book 4 in the Janitor's series by Tyler Whitesides. The series follows the adventures of Spencer and Daisy, two elementary school students who discover that education is in danger. The threat comes in the form of toxites, monstrous creatures who take away the students' ability to concentrate and learn. The people charged with protecting the students from these creatures are the janitors. They use a magic substance called glop to turn janitorial tools and supplies into weapons against or protection from the toxites.


Throughout the series, the kids join forces with the janitors to try to defeat the toxites and various enemies,


including the Bureau of Educational Maintenance (who used to be the good guys).

[/spoiler] This book continues the exciting adventure with more twists and turns. Every time I think I finally know exactly who the bad guys are and exactly who to trust, there is another twist. 


I read this entire series with my son, who is now in 6th grade. We started the series when the book was nominated for a Sunshine State Readers award in the 2013-2014 school year. He really loves the story and is always anxious for the next book to come out.


Recommended to:

Middle readers, in grades 5-8 and their parents. There is some loss experienced in this series and a lot of scary situations that kept us on the edge of our seats. If your child likes adventures and twists and turns in their stories, they should enjoy these books.