Bloody Scary

MARY: The Summoning - Hillary Monahan

"The whole thing felt eerie, despite my logical reasoning that the summoning was ridiculous. I'd played Bloody Mary at slumber parties with these same girls when we were twelve. Trying again in high school seemed a waste of time--but there was a strange exhilaration to it, too."


This is a well written scary story and there are some seriously creepy moments. But it didn't keep me up at night or make me want to cover my mirrors with blankets. I could see how it might really wig out people who are sensitive to being scared though. The scenes with Bloody Mary are freaky and as a ghost, she definitely has reason to be angry (as you can tell from the back story). 


I remember playing the Bloody Mary game when I was a kid and it really scared me. I enjoyed reading this book very much. It was a quick, easy read and very descriptive. I'm not dying for the sequel, but I will probably read it when it comes out.


Recommended to:

Older young adults or adults who enjoy scary stories and don't get freaked out by bugs or creepy shower scenes. ;)