Fun twists & turns

Twice Upon a Time - James  Riley

"Once upon a time, Jack knew better than to do certain things. You didn't waste time trying to find the perfect temperature of porridge in a bear's house. You didn't point out to your extremely furry grandmother how big her fangs were. And you definitely didn't walk through a creepy fog while music from magical pipes drifted in eerily."


That is the opening paragraph in this second book of the Half Upon a Time series. Jack, May & Phillip are back. In book one, they released the Evil Queen from her magical prison and found out May isn't who they thought she was. The trio is now trying to fix their mistakes and find out the truth about May's identity.


This book touches so many different fairy tale stories that I don't know if I can remember them all: the Pied Piper, Peter Pan (here King Pan in the Land of Never), Bluebeard the pirate, the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. I may have missed some but I think you should read the book just to be sure. Oh and Jack & Jill.


I enjoyed this story and I'm ready to read book 3 and find out how it all ends. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys fairy tale stories or new takes on fairy tales. A great book for reluctant readers in 4-8 grade.