Third book doesn't disappoint...

Ruins - Dan Wells

The Partial army is occupying East Meadow. They are broadcasting a message demanding the surrender of Kira Walker. Until they have Kira, they will execute one person every day. Their leader Dr. Morgan believes that Kira's DNA will solve Partial expiration. The human resistance has recovered a nuclear warhead from a sunken navy destroyer. The resistance is taking the bomb to the Partial homeland. Both sides believe they have no other choice. They are only trying to survive.


Meanwhile, Kira has been trying to solve the problem of Partial expiration and find a way to make the cure for RM available to all babies. Kira agreed to let Dr. Morgan perform any tests on her in the hopes that she holds an important solution in her DNA. Kira is desperate to find the answer before both sides destroy each other. She is determined to find a way for humans and Partials to peacefully coexist.


My opinion

At the end of Fragments, I was filled with questions. The Trust had a plan to force the Partials and humans to live in peace. They designed it so that they would need each other to survive. Their plans were well-intentioned, but the situation quickly progressed and got out of control. I was anxious to see how the various story lines would play out and to find out who would survive.


This was a cool series. I liked that the main focus of this story wasn't the love triangle. The story is about what it means to be human. It touches on issues of discrimination and acceptance, what people are willing to do to survive and how war brings out the best and worst in people.


I loved this series. It was easy to read and exciting. Anyone who enjoys dystopian fiction should try reading this. It is appropriate for ages pre-teen to adult.