Great second book!!

Fragments - Dan Wells

Be aware that this review contains details about Partials (book one in the series) that may be considered spoilers if you haven't read book one.


Kira is back and looking for answers. She found the cure for RM, but, she now has even more questions. Only one baby has been saved. The human scientists have been unable to replicate the cure. And she still doesn't know how to cure the partial expiration date. And what about Kira herself? If she is a partial, why was she created and what is her purpose? And who is part of the Trust and what was their plan?


The partials are about to invade Long Island. Marcus finds himself in the middle of the war.  Kira is searching for answers and will stop at nothing.  She goes to ParaGen offices in Manhattan and beyond looking for clues. 



My opinion 

I loved the first book. And the sequel doesn't disappoint. Kira is a determined young woman. She seems to be one of the only people left in the world who understands that if humans and partials don't work together, they will both become extinct. The leaders of the partials are determined to control or destroy the humans and the humans are terrified of the partials. If the humans just do nothing, the partials will die out due to the expiration date. But within one generation, the humans will die out too. No babies can survive without the cure that only comes from the breath of the partials.


This book is fun to read and exciting. I finished it quickly and can't wait to finish the third book (which I already started reading). The story is original and the writing draws you in.  I connected with the characters and was really rooting for Kira. Can't wait to see how this ends!!