Rain Girl - Lee Chadeayne, Gabi Kreslehner

"She staggered along the northbound shoulder of the autobahn in the mist of the rising dawn unaware of the danger hurtling toward her."

Franza Oberweiser is a veteran homicide detective. Along with her partner, Felix, she investigates the death of a young girl who hit by a car on the autobahn.  They know how she died, but they found blood at the rest stop nearby. What happened at the rest stop and how did the girl (Marie) end up in the middle of the highway?


Franza has a difficult home life. Her husband cheated on her a while ago and they have never really recovered. Now Franza is having an affair with an actor and she hardly ever hears from her son. He is off to college this year and her husband tells her she shouldn't worry, he is an adult now and taking care of himself. But, she still worries.


It is tough for Franza to juggle all the aspects of her life. The story covers her home life, her affair and the search for the killer. In between, we have glimpses into Marie's life, as a young man falls for her. Who is he and how does he fit into this story?


My opinion:

Franza wasn't very likable as a character; I understand that we all have flaws, but I didn't really connect with her. There seemed to be some sexual tension between Franza and her partner Felix but that was never really explored. Felix's wife is about to have twins and didn't consult him first, so he isn't thrilled.

I wasn't enthralled by this book, but I was anxious to find out who killed Marie and who was her secret lover. I finished the book easily.

I wouldn't recommend this book unless you really like crime thrillers and are interested in reading about detectives in a country other than the U.S. Maybe then it would appeal to you more than me.