The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn

The Shuddering - Ania Ahlborn



Audience: Adult

Format: Audiobook/Owned



Don slapped the trunks of the trees with his left hand as he ran past them, a small ax held tight in his right.

- first sentence


This book takes place in the mountains of Colorado. Ryan and Jane, along with their friends, are enjoying their last trip to their family's mountain cabin and lots of snowboarding. They don't encounter the creatures until about 70% through the book. We see the creatures attacking other disposable characters, but the main characters have no idea there is any danger. There was a pack of the creatures, maybe more, and yet no one knew about them? Supposedly they were somewhere hidden until their prey ran out and they were starving. I think they were some sort of wolfish/human creature, it was unclear.

When the creatures finally start attacking the main characters, the story moves quickly and the characters have pretty realistic reactions - freezing out of fear, wanting to save themselves while at the same time wanting to help their friends, acting without thinking. There are no selfless heroes in this story. The end is left open-ended and I kind of like that, though I see no need for a sequel.

I read this book for the American Horror Story square because it takes place in the Colorado mountains.