Captain Superlative

Captain Superlative - J.S. Puller

Audience: Middle School

Format: Kindle/Library


We released paper lanterns into the night.

- first sentence


This is an inspirational story about a middle school girl who decides to become a superhero by doing little things to make a difference in people's lives. She wears a red mask, blue wig, silver swimsuit, rubber gloves, torn tights, high top sneakers, and a cape. And she opens doors for people, helps people pick up books, and tries to be a friend to everyone. She calls herself Captain Superlative - and she is a puzzle that Janey can't help but try to figure out. Janey doesn't understand WHY Captain Superlative does the things she does; Janey has always tried to be invisible. Why would anyone want to draw so much attention to themselves and potentially put themselves in a bully's sights?


Every superhero has secrets and Captain Superlative is hiding more than just her identity. Janey is determined to figure out who Captain Superlative really is and in the process, she finds herself inspired to be more than another invisible student walking the halls of Deerwood Park Middle School.


Great book. Students in grades 4 & up who like realistic fiction will enjoy this one.