Booklikes-opoly 7/3 roll

This is a bit delayed because of July 4th and schoolwork, and everything else in RL. I rolled on Wednesday the 3rd and it was a bit confusing, but I think I'm ready to post now.


Current Bank: $36.00


Including finished since my last BL-opoly post:

10 Beach Week - Dark Matter by Blake Crouch = $3.00

3 School's Out for Summer - Homeroom Diaries by James Patterson = $3.00


Regular Roll:

Moving 4 spaces takes me to Railroad 14: The Patagonia Star


First 4th of July bonus roll:


Moving 11 spaces takes me to 24 Booklikes Square (spin the Wheel Decide)

Spinning the Wheel gave me: Read a book that has been reviewed by one of the other players.


Second 4th of July bonus roll:

Moving 4 spaces takes me to:



In Jail, I rolled the dice to determine my bail

I deducted $5 from the bail fund and am now out of jail (hooray)!





So here is my board with my confusing movements:



I'm still holding the Robot & the Scottie dog cards:



Now I need to pick books for:

RR 14 - Read a book set in Central or South America or by an author from any of those countries.

BL 24 - Read a book that has been reviewed by another player