The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge - Jeffery Deaver

Audience: Adult

Format: Hardcover/Owned



Is it safe?

- first sentence


No surprise - it's not safe. At least not for the couple picking up their diamond ring. This is a Lincoln Rhyme novel after all, so there will be plenty of what you might call "unsafe" situations.


Nothing surprising here. This is a well-written crime story with a few twists I didn't see coming. I recently read the first Lincoln Rhyme book and this is the 14th, so things have changed a lot. In the first book, Lincoln consults with the NYPD for the first time while he is considering how to end his life. In this one, Lincoln and Amelia are married, he is a well-known consultant, and he gets around in his wheelchair. The killer in this book is obsessed with diamonds or with engaged couples. We aren't exactly sure at first.


I enjoyed the book and might read another Lincoln Rhyme novel in the future, but there are so many books out there with new ideas and my tbr is overflowing...


I read this for Snakes & Ladders space #43 Characters involved in the law.