Halloween Bingo - Final Update & my last Bingo!


My final bingo is the last row on the bottom. I was trying to finish one more book for the four corners & center bingo, but I ran out of time. As usual, Halloween Bingo was a huge hit and loads of fun. Thanks for OB & Moonlight for hosting and doing such an amazing job as always. You guys are fabulous.










9/1   Classic Horror

9/3   Cryptozoologist

9/5   Cozy Mystery (not on my card)

9/7   New Release

9/9   Southern Gothic

9/11 Terrifying Women

9/13 A Grimm Tale

9/15 Modern Masters of Horror

9/17 Creepy Carnivals

9/19 Relics and Curiosities

9/21 Diverse Voices

9/23 Murder Most Foul

9/25 Amateur Sleuth

9/27 Genre: Suspense

9/29 Supernatural

10/1 Ghost Stories

10/3 Doomsday

10/5 Shifters

10/7 13 (not on my card)

10/9 Terror in a Small Town (not on my card)

10/11 Darkest London

10/13 Gothic

10/15 Genre: Horror

10/17 Fear the Drowning Deep

10/19 Spellbound (not on my card)

10/21 Country House Mystery

10/23 Deadlands

10/25 Romantic Suspense (not on my card)




Ghost Stories - Ghost Story

Fear the Drowning Deep - 100 Fathoms Below

Modern Masters of Horror - Revival

Doomsday - Not a Drop to Drink

Relics and Curiosities - Strange Weather

Diverse Voices - The Girl From the Well

Free Space - Murder House

Creepy Carnivals - Full Tilt

Terrifying Women - The Creek

Country House Mystery - Ten

Genre: Suspense - Glimpse

New Release - Obscura

Cryptozoologist - The Jersey Devil

Southern Gothic - The Elementals

Classic Horror - The Exorcist

Murder Most Foul - Hunting Fear by Kay Hooper