Unwanteds series

Island of Dragons (The Unwanteds) - Lisa McMann



This series is fantastic. Imagine this, I read all seven books in a row. It's a relatively long series. I do tend to get bored after the first few books, or the quality drops and I give up. This series is worth reading all the way through. Loved it!


Lisa McMann is very creative and writes across middle grade and young adult. I also enjoyed the Wake trilogy. She just released another series that picks up where the Unwanteds series ends. The name of the new series is The Unwanteds Quests. Maybe the new series will answer the unanswered questions from this series...


I however, will not start the new series. Not because I didn't enjoy it, but because I have a lot of reading to do for school and I cannot allow myself to get caught up in another long series. Not to mention, book 1 just came out. So, there may be a bit of wait for the next one and I'm not good at waiting. I like to have the next book available to read right away if possible. 


Recommended to:

Readers who enjoy fantasy and adventure stories with loads of imagination.