Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin

No matter what creatures people fear in the dead of night, in this city, violence is more likely to be carried out by men.

- Chapter 3


Violence is mindless. It doesn't listen to reason.

- Chapter 9


Everything is in ruins. A plague decimated the population. Those who are still alive, live in fear of catching the plague. Masks that protect people from catching it are terribly expensive and most people can't afford them. Whoever controls the masks, controls the city. Araby's father invented the masks, but now Prince Prospero controls their manufacture. There are forces in the city that want to change that. Araby goes from living her life trying to avoid reality and the pain of losing her brother to being involved with dangerous forces of rebellion. Araby doesn't know who to trust; even her father has not told her the whole truth. And now, there is a worse sickness, the Red Death. 


This book is good, and I am reading the sequel now. I have to say that I think it should have been one book. The end of the first book didn't really solve anything at all. So, while I am counting these for my Halloween Bingo, I am waiting to finish the second book before I mark the square.