Christmas will never be the same...

— feeling dead
NOS4A2: A Novel - Joe Hill, Kate Mulgrew


She thought of mothering, which was really another word for being present and caring what happened to someone.

- page 254


The sky was the color of a migraine.

- page 457


This book. Wow. I loved it, though it was so creepy that I don't know that it sounds right to say that.


Kate Mulgrew's narration = AMAZING!!!


I listened to this audiobook, thanks to a review I saw from Char, here on Booklikes (you can find her review here Char's review of NOS4A2). She describes the experience much better than I ever could.


The voices Mulgrew does are absolutely spot on and add so much to the story. I couldn't do those voices that well in my own head. I would like to listen to Kate Mulgrew narrate every book of Joe Hill's that I read from now on.


Oh, and in case you didn't realize, Kate Mulgrew played Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager.


Keep in mind, this may taint your thoughts of Christmas forever. And you will never want to go to a place called Christmasland (even if you think you do now). I get chills just thinking about it, and of course I hear it in Mulgrew's voice.


Recommended to:

Adult horror fans. Listen to the audio if you can, it is amazing.