Exciting Undersea Aventure

The Neptune Project - Polly Holyoke

Trapped in the ocean -- with no way out.

Suddenly, her relentless hands grab my head and force it under the water. :You'll be all right.:  I hear my mother's words in my mind. :I promise you. Just relax and breathe in.:

My lungs are pure fire now. I have to breathe. I have no strength left to fight her.

I open my mouth and the water rushes in, and I'm dying. Black spots dance across my eyelids. Then suddenly, I cough and choke, and then I'm not dying anymore. I can breathe again. I gasp and gulp, trying to get used to the incredible sensation of cold water rushing in and out of my chest.


Nere has always been different: her eyes are sensitive to normal light and she has difficulty breathing properly. When the Western Collective decides to force the inhabitants of her fishing town to move inland, Nere discovers the secret her mom has been hiding from her. Her parents genetically engineered her to be able to live under the sea. The land is largely uninhabitable and any hope for the future of life on earth will have to be undersea. Nere is shocked and surprised by this revelation, but she doesn't have a choice. She and the other Neptune kids have to travel to an undersea location where they can live safely. It's a long journey with many hazards along the way.


This book is amazing. The author explains enough about being underwater that it is believable but it doesn't take away from the story. Nere and her friends are brave but they face many perils. Not just ocean predators either. The Neptune kids communicate telephathically and they all have different skills under the sea. Nere is a strong telepath and can communicate with the dolphins. I love the way she talks to the dolphins and they help her when she is in trouble. The dolphins are a significant part of the story and I love their personalities.


I am currently reading book 2 and I hope there is a book 3 coming out soon!


Recommended to:

4th grade and up. This exciting story has enough twists and drama to please most young readers.