What would you wish for??

The Wish Giver: Three Tales of Coven Tree - Bill Brittain, Andrew Glass

Thaddeus Blinn








ONLY      50¢



Only four people in town are willing to take Thaddeus up on his offer, with surprising results. Ok, maybe not that surprising to those of us who like to read. We know that granting wishes always comes with a cost and it's never really worth it in the end. But this is a cute story and fun to read.


If I could get the kids in our school to read it, some would probably enjoy it. But, the cover is old looking (it does not look like the one shown above) and the book is getting ready to fall apart. I decided to read it because the premise intrigued me, but I don't think I will have much success with the students. It's a Newbery Honor book, but it seems to just be taking up space. It will be in the discussion pile for our next weeding session. *sigh*


The good news, any books that do get "weeded" are donated to kids who don't have access to books.



Recommended to:

Grades 3-7 (according to the book jacket) - somewhere in the middle, I think. It's a good story to introduce the theme of "be careful what you wish for".



The cover of our book: