Online Notifications Currently not Working for New Followers (Among Other Things)

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Right now, it seems like online notifications aren’t coming through when you get a new follower. I’m receiving e-mail notifications but not the online notifications. Some if not all of the other online notifications seem to be buggy today also -- there are new posts in the Bug Reports thread about it..


The lack of follower notifications is why I'm posting.  I'm worried about it because we’ve seen several new members on the site lately.  I’m afraid they might be following people who aren’t signed up for the e-mail notifications, and they might feel like they’re being ignored because the people they’re following don’t even realize they’ve gotten new followers.


It is possible to set up your e-mail notifications to only come through for new follows. It might be worth doing that until BookLikes sorts through all the notification issues we’ve been having lately. Of course, that won’t do any good if the e-mail notifications break again! :(


For the new members who are following me, welcome to BookLikes! If you haven’t already found it, we have a group where you can find other people to follow, and you can also post about your own blog there to get some more attention.


While I’m posting this, I thought I’d also post links to some of the new blogs (new to me, anyway!) that I’ve seen over the past week.  Some of them have built up a few followers already, but maybe this will help them get more activity during a time when our notifications are going haywire so they don’t give up on us.

Breathing Books

Casual Debris

Girl Writing

Got My Book


Turn The Page


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