November Reading

— feeling excited



Last month, I asked our librarian if we could implement a Genre of the Month program. She was excited by the idea and asked me to make a small poster and create the display. I don't have a picture of the display, but here is the poster.



This month, we are exploring the Historical Fiction genre. This is one of the hardest genres to get students to read. Many of our kids love the "I Survived" books, but they don't try other historical fiction books.


Historical Fiction is one of the genres I read the least. If I am going to promote these books to our students, I need to read some myself. I  went through the section and picked out a few books. 


This month, I plan to read the following Historical Fiction books:






On my want to read this month list:





I also will continue with the Silmarillion Blues group read of The Hobbit.



Wish me luck! :)