Bug Problem - Likes and Attributions

People are liking my posts, only they aren't doing it. It shows up on their timelines but the posts in question are attributed to other people.


This is a database bug and I'm including screen captures so you can see exactly what is happening. This is mainly for booklikes staff, but is also to reassure people that no one is stealing your stuff. It is just a really bad bug and needs to fixed NOW.



















I know that MbD and HfK are NOT stealing my posts. I also contacted HfK and she did NOT like my "ironic, isn't it" post. I have not contacted Musings, but will assume he did not actually "like" either my post or my review.


The screencaps are kind of small here,but if you "view image", it brings them up full size.


Staff, take care of this. This is a HUGE issue that needs to be fixed. Please respond and let us know that you are working on this.


Feel free to reblog if you feel it necessary.