Readathon - Hour 19

— feeling hypnotized

Well, it's hour 19 and so far I have finished four books. The first one (Life After Dane by Edward Lorn) I was nearly done with when the day started so.... It doesn't really count as a whole book. But, considering the amount of interruptions, I think I did pretty well for my first Readathon. And I am looking forward to trying again.


Books Read:


Life After Dane by Edward Lorn




Kellie's Diary: Decay of Innocence by Thomas Jenner & Angeline Perkins



Kellie's Diary: Death of Innocence by Thomas Jenner & Angeline Perkins



Blackout by Robison Wells




Books read: 4

Total pages read: approximately 500 (three of the books I had already started)

Hours spent actually reading and not being interrupted: not enough ;)



Surprisingly, the book I was most looking forward to I didn't actually get to. I was so into the first Kellie's Diary book that I decided to read the second one instead of starting something else. The good thing about reading is, I can start that one tomorrow.


Now, I need to get some sleep so I can handle my kids tomorrow.....

Good night all and good luck to all the readers who are still pushing on.