Dewey's 24-hour Readathon

— feeling doubt







Ok, so the best laid plans and all.....


I was planning on reading all day, but the kids aren't cooperating (surprise!).


So far, I finished 



Which I was 95% done already.


I am working on finishing 



I was about 50% through when I started and am now at 87%.


Next book will be



I just found this one in my mailbox and I am so excited. It is book 3 in the Dead City series. I should be able to finish this easily (even with constant kid interruptions). 




I keep reminding myself this is supposed to fun and I can only do what I can. I love the idea of the readathon and I think it will work better when my kids are with their dad (maybe next time). I am pretty good at ignoring the outside world when I want to. 


Wish me luck!