Bringing light to dark places...

The Promise - Nicola Daives, Laura Carlin

In this book, a young girl living in a dark, hard angry city, tries to steal an old woman's bag. The woman holds on with "the strength of heroes". The old woman agrees to let go if the young girl "promises to plant them". When the girl opens the bag, instead of money or food, she finds acorns. Then she goes around planting them and bringing light and hope to people in dark places.


This is a beautiful story meant to be read to elementary school students. Hopefully, it encourages them to pay it forward and try to bring light into the lives of others. The illustrations are gorgeous and they change as the story goes on.


Recommended to:

Great choice for a read-aloud to elementary students as a way to teach that hope brings hope and bringing hope to others is always a good thing.