Secret of Rover - Review

The Secret of Rover - Rachel Wildavsky, Antonio Javier Caparo



Katie & David Bowden's parents are off to Katkajan to pick up the baby girl they are adopting. The kids don't quite trust the nanny who will be taking care of them while their parents are gone (especially Katie). But they keep quiet about it so their parents don't worry. Turns out, Katie was right, their parents have been kidnapped and Trixie is a Katkajan rebel in on the plan.


This is an thrilling story about two kids who are determined to help their parents, no matter what. There is plenty of edge of your seat excitement. And there are some especially harrowing moments for Katie & David. I enjoyed experiencing this adventure with them.


Recommended to:

This book will appeal to fans of adventure stories, especially in grades 6-8.