Imaginary Fun!

— feeling crazy rabbit
Project Jackalope - Emily Ecton


That thing, the one that had destroyed the contents of my hamper in what, thirty minutes flat? It was a bunny.


Yeah, I know. A tiny little fluffy bunny with soft tufty feet and huge Hallmark card eyes. Oh yeah, and a set of nasty-looking razor sharp antlers coming out of its head.


It was a jackalope.


--Chapter 2


This book is written from the point of view of the main character, Jeremy (a kid in junior high). The following people live in his apartment building: Professor Twitchett (a quirky old man who has Jeremy run his errands), Agatha (Jeremy's sort-of friend) and her mom, a flight attendant who is never around, the Garcias (who make cookies on Saturdays), Mrs. Simmons (an old lady who "doesn't have all her socks in the drawer") and Jeremy and his parents. So, when two men in fancy suits show up at the building, Jeremy knows that something isn't right. Turns out Professor Twitchett left his latest secret experiment in Jeremy's care and there are people who are desperate to get that experiment for themselves.


Jeremy & Agatha spend the book trying to figure out what to do with the Jackalope and how to stay hidden from the suit guys. They don't know who to trust and even start to question each other's loyalty. It is a fun adventure with a few suspenseful moments. And there are a few twists that you might not see coming. 


I totally enjoyed this book. It isn't very realistic, but come on, it's about a jackalope. You don't really expect a book like that to be grounded in real life. It is a fast-paced fun read that middle grade students will surely enjoy.


Recommended to:

Kids in grades 5-8, both boys and girls should enjoy this book. The action gets a bit intense at times, but nothing too scary. Reluctant readers may find this one a fun, quick read.