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Brutal Youth: A Novel - Anthony Breznican

The day after Father Mercedes issued his threats, Sister Maria instituted the Brother-Sister Code. "The hazing tradition can go on," she told an assembly of students in Palisade Hall. "But seniors may no longer indiscriminately terrorize any given freshman. Each individual senior has four weeks to choose one freshman to adopt as a little brother or sister, which will last until the Hazing Day picnic. You can have your fun, and good-natured teasing is acceptable, but from that point forward, you will be a mentor -- not just a tormentor." After some initial grumbling, the upperclassmen seemed to accept it, though Sister Maria worried when she overheard some of them referring to it as the new "Master and Slave" program.



Do we have a fail-safe if an especially cruel senior chooses an especially weak freshman to be a personal punching bag?" Zimmer asked.

"Then we intercede," she said. "But in the meantime, at least he will have only one punching bag."


Um... How can this seem like a good idea to anyone, let alone in a high school where bullying and hazing are everywhere and most of the faculty is afraid to stand up to the seniors?  Just because the hazing has been happening for years and years, doesn't mean it's a good idea.