Sweet Dreams - Review

— feeling confused
Sweet Dreams - Aaron Patterson



Color me unimpressed. This book didn't keep my interest much at all. I managed to finish it but let's just say that I didn't enjoy the journey.


The story follows two different men, one a business man and one a police officer. A bombing in a market & a massacre at a prison (that kills only prisoners) manage to bring the two together, in a way, eventually. Whatever. I have to admit that by the time the truth behind everything was revealed, I wasn't that concerned with the truth.


I will admit, there was one point when I honestly went WTF?? It was completely out of the blue and totally different from everything the book seemed to be. But, I was already bored.


Recommended to:

Hmmmm... I don't really recommend this, but if you like crime stories with mysteries, give it a try.