A Work of Art - Review

A Work of Art - Melody Maysonet

Tera looks up to her famous artist father. With a scholarship to a top-notch art school, she hopes to impress the man who's been her role model all her life. Then, out of nowhere, Tera's father is accused of a hideous crime. Tera knows there's not even a shred of truth to the allegations. Or is there? And if the worst happens, can Tera ever trust anyone again?


-from the book jacket



Ok, I finished reading this book a while ago. It didn't take me long at all. But, I am finding it hard to write a review. I think because the subject matter is difficult. Or maybe I've just been busy... or lazy. ;)


I liked this book. It grabbed me and didn't let go. Tera is a very believable character. She practically worships her father and doesn't want to believe he is guilty. She takes the money meant to pay for to go to a prestigious art school in France and uses it to hire a lawyer for her dad. She has no interest in what her mother has to say and blames her mother for her father's arrest. It is much easier for us, as readers to see the truth and it is hard to watch as Tera gradually realizes it too.


As for Tera's relationship with Joey, it is a realistic portrayal of how a teenage girl with low self-esteem and little self-confidence might feel when a cute boy pays attention to her. She is so happy that he is interested in her and does things that don't exactly feel right to keep his interest.


The book is hard to put down and can easily be read in one sitting. The author does a great job dealing with a difficult subject. If you like realistic books about teenagers dealing with issues, you will like this book.


Recommended to:

Older young adults and adults who like realistic fiction about teens dealing with complex issues.