Enclave - review

Enclave - Ann Aguirre



All her life Deuce has lived underground in an enclave called College. She was born during the second holocaust and has never seen the surface. People in the enclave don't live past the age of twenty-five. They are split into three categories, Breeders, Builders & Hunters. Deuce is a huntress. Along with her partner, Fade, she patrols the tunnels and checks the traps for food. When they are assigned to travel to a nearby enclave to check if they are ok, they find something they didn't bargain for. The Freaks (zombies) have always been a threat, but now they are becoming smarter, more organized. But no one at College believes them, especially the leaders.


This is a great story, twists and turns and edge of your seat moments. I liked Deuce. She is naive in that she never questions what the leaders tell her, but how could she know better? Her partnership with Fade is great. He is the perfect mysterious stranger in a place so contained that they all know each other. He was found wandering in the tunnels. Somehow he managed to survive alone and nobody knows how. He is quiet and keeps to himself. When Deuce is paired with Fade, her life begins to take a new direction. It's obvious from the tension between them, that somehow they will end up in a relationship and the inevitable love triangle.


I'm reading the second book now and loving it. Really looking forward to the third!!


Recommended to:

Fans of young adult fiction, dystopia, zombie and apocalypse stories. Another great young adult series. Read this!!