The Lost - Review

The Lost (Witch & Wizard) - James Patterson, Emily Raymond



From the book cover


The Wizard is Lost.

The Witch is Angry.

The Enemy is Relentless.

They will never see the end coming...


I must say that when I started this book I was a little over what felt like the same plot: Evil Adult tries to control the city & control magic, Evil outsider wizard threatens the city, the Witch & Wizard save the day. But, I ended up really enjoying this book. 


Darrius is the evil wizard and he is a great character. Some of the chapters are told from his point of view so we get to see inside his warped mind. Whit's motivations are a little hard to understand at points. He makes a huge decision without seeming to put much thought into it and then regrets it later - as we as readers knew he would. Wisty is the same firebrand character who never thinks before she acts but still manages to survive. There are a couple of characters in this book that I didn't expect to see again. This book brings together elements from all the previous books and finally ties them all together. There are some unexpected twists and surprises toward the end of the book.



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Overall a great series for middle grades and young adults, especially if you like Patterson's style and magical worlds.