Witch & Wizard - The Fire

The Fire  - James Patterson, Jill Dembowski

Welcome to your worst nightmare,

or maybe one you can't even imagine.

A world where everything has changed.

There are no books, no movies,

no music, no free speech.

Everyone under eighteen is distrusted.

You and your family could be taken

away and imprisoned at any time.

Your very being is expendable,

even unwanted.


What world is this? Where could

something like this have happened?

That's hardly the point.


The point is that it DID happen.

It's happening to us right now.

And if you don't stop and pay attention,

it could happen in your world next.


Recommended to:

Young adults and adults who enjoy fantasy & magic. An edge of your seat book. There is some violence & death and  a bit of nail biting action.


My thoughts:

Once again we are plunged into the world of Whit & Wisty Allgood, the Witch and Wizard. They are learning to control their powers and continuing to lead the resistance in the fight against The One Who is The One. They are fighting for the future of their world, while the New Order (N.O.) is brainwashing and torturing children to turn them into killing machines. The stakes are higher than ever and Whit & Wisty are in more danger than ever.


This is a great series, lots of adventure & danger and twists & turns. Like all Patterson books, the chapters are short and fly by. I finished this book in one day.