The mystery of Maxfield continues...

Feedback - Robison Wells

Okay, so I LOVED Variant (the first book). And I fully expected to love the sequel. In fact, when I finished Variant, I couldn't wait to see what happened next. So much that I immediately bought Feedback on my kindle and read the first two chapters. It didn't give me all the answers, but it did satisfy my immediate curiosity and peak my interest. However, I read Variant with my son and he wasn't quite ready to read the sequel yet. He had his eyes on a humor-centered book in a series he loves (Wimpy Kid). So, I told him I would wait for him and we could read Feedback together.


Flash forward a month... we have since read the new Wimpy Kid book and the new Origami Yoda book. Both of which he loved and I enjoyed too. And I have read several books myself. I was looking at the books on my kindle and trying to decide what to read next when I saw Feedback. Well, I just couldn't wait any longer. So I went ahead and read without my son. (Oh and when he found out, he didn't even mind. He just asked me what happened. I really don't get that; I had to read it and find out for myself. I wouldn't just want someone to tell me.)


The book was good, but not as surprising or suspenseful as Variant. I had an inkling about who might be in charge of the school and the town. As the story progressed, I was more sure. So when the truth was revealed, I wasn't especially surprised. Not like with Variant, where the twist practically knocked me off my feet.


Besides that part, the story itself was enjoyable. The interactions between the characters and Benson & Becky's relationship were interesting. I was more interested in seeing Benson find his way and figure out how to help the kids in the town, then finding out who the ultimate bad guys were.


Recommended to:

Anyone who liked Variant and wants to find out what is next for Benson & Becky. Also, for kids in 5th thru 8th grade. There is one 5th grade girl in my school who absolutely loved these two books. She has been asking me at least once or twice a week if I finished Feedback yet. I am happy that this week I will finally be able to tell her yes. :)